CPH Black Friday Sale

Ok. The 2020 CPH Black Friday sale is running until November 30th. There are some really good deals so this is a post (with a bunch of affiliate links) with highlights. 🙂

First, know that the Concordia Commentary series is $15 off, making each volume $45. Awesome.

Second, Bibles start at $30. Notably, The Lutheran Study Bible (hardback) is only $30!! That’s $25 off and, in my opinion, a steal. NOW is a time when every confirmand for next year can get a Lutheran study Bible, either from the congregation or a generous donor! The study Bible journal edition is likewise $30 with large print and those fancier covered Bibles are $40 and $50. The Lutheran Study Bible (Compact Paperback) is only $20. I’m a hardcover kind of girl, but that’s a solid option, too.

(I do not think children’s Bibles are on sale, unless you consider One Hundred Bible Stories a children’s Bible.)

Third, CPH again has $5 books for adults, just like during their warehouse sale, but they aren’t all specific to adults, so I don’t know why they titled the link that. <Shrug> (I was traveling over the warehouse sale. Maybe I’ll do this next time for that, too. I know there’s a LOT to look through!)

$5 Books

I also like The Illuminated Catechism and that’s for all ages.

There are even more options, but I’m gunna stop now. Ha haa


Arch books are $1, as are a few others, including What Child is This, a children’s book with the text of the Christmas carol. Good, good.

If you find another great item, feel free to point to it (preferably with a link) in the comment section.

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