12 Days of Christmas

Ladies & Gentlemen, do you have plans for the 12 Days of Christmas? I’m trying to  make a list and check it twice, but I’m running low on ideas!

If all else fails, I think I can come up with 12 snacks or desserts that are just out of the ordinary enough to please my kids. You know, like caramel popcorn. There are few occasions which scream out, “Must make caramel popcorn,” but it’s super yummy as a rare treat. There’s also what I call a cranberry tea cake that isn’t too sweet but hits me just right. Actually, I wonder if I could come up with 12 cranberry recipes, I love the berries so much!

But, on a more pious note, I’m thinking we could try to learn a stanza a day of Luther’s “These Are the Holy Ten Commands.” 

Any other suggestions? Other 12 stanza hymns for years to come? We probably won’t take all 12 days off of school so I do want to keep things low key.

In other news, if you want to make care packages for nursing homes, here’s a random article to help you.

AND if you want to support local bookstores but still shop online, here you go.

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