Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow

This is it! The present all young kiddos should receive for Christmas! Kloria released another hymn board book: Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow and it’s another breathtaking project!

I am convinced that one cannot go wrong with A) Paul Gerhardt and B) Kelly Schumacher

Buy all of Kloria’s books. In fact, by them in triplet so you can give a full set of them to your congregation for a church library, school library, church quiet bags, whatever, and then keep a set on hand for spur of the moment gifts. There are all just tremendous! 🙂

The text, one of my favorite Lutheran lullabies (!):

  1. Now rest beneath night’s shadow
    The woodland, field, and meadow;
    The world in slumber lies.
    But you, my heart, awaking
    And prayer and music making,
    Let praise to your Creator rise.
  2. Lord Jesus, since You love me,
    Now spread Your wings above me
    And shield me from alarm.
    Though Satan would devour me,
    Let angel guards sing o’er me:
    This child of God shall meet no harm.
  3. My loved ones, rest securely,
    For God this night will surely
    From peril guard your heads.
    Sweet slumbers may He send you
    And bid His hosts attend you
    And through the night watch o’er your beds.


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