Ariel: The Curious Cat of Christmas

Today’s post is finally a review of Ariel: The Curious Cat of ChristmasThe kids keep grabbing it!

Ariel: The Curious Cat of Christmas Review

This is a charming book by a Lutheran author published in 2018. It’s obviously Christmas-themed, but it’s a fun book year round. There are historical notes and I love how you can show children some Hebrew names and terms with a pronunciation guide and listed meanings! Clever! Very neat! A gift that keeps up giving & stirring up interest!

There’s a lonely cat who finds her place and her name with a very sweet family along one of the most precious journeys of all. 🙂

There is a bit more text per page than some children’s books, which makes this is family-friendly for older kids, too. Good for some family evening quiet time. Available in print or Kindle.

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