2021: A Year of Hope

Bryan Wolfmueller has done it again and somehow I almost missed it! (Thanks, Carmen, for the head’s up. This is GREAT!) Once again Rev. Wolfmueller has put together a calendar and he has given 2021 the theme, “A Year of Hope.” Perfect!

Who would pass on a year of hope, right? Go here to see the images. BEAUTIFUL! “Old Paintings of Jesus and Bible passages on hope. You can’t go wrong.” Love it already!

Go here to purchase the regular calendar from Lulu or here for the large print edition.

Order before December 11th and you can use the code FESTIVE10 to get 10% off orders of all print products. 

So, that reminds me, just check out EVERYTHING Bryan Wolfmueller sells through Lulu. 🙂 

And, since there’s a sale anyway, I’ll remind you that I sell a 2021 pastoral planner here. You should get it well in time for Christmas, whether you are a pastor or have a pastor.

(I still haven’t found the missing book, but I’ll review it by memory if I need to. Kids!)

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