Timeless Treasures

I keep meaning to review Ariel: The Curious Cat of Christmas but my kids have run off with it somewhere! Ha ha haa, as soon as I can read it one more time, I’ll put together a coherent review of it. In the meantime, I commend to you Timeless Treasures: Four Public Domain Texts That Still Delightcompiled with commentary by Lisa Stapp, who I think is great.

Timeless Treasures Review

This book is perfect Advent reading. It’s a slim collection of short stories that pull heartstrings while also letting your mind ease into a bit of Christian relief from all the busyness and concerns of the season(s).

One story looks at change and fear with pastoral assurance and perspective. Another comforts those whose sacrifices haven’t turned out the intended way. Next there is cheer and generosity in the face of forced togetherness & unfortunate turns in life, and last there’s a piece by Henry Van Dyck full of imagination, endurance, and rich literary language that lets you dream as well as ponder.

This is a great read. A perfect 99-cent Kindle purchase. The kind of thing I easily imagine reading once a year and eventually introducing my young children to. An oasis in Advent and a window into four better perspectives. 🙂

Thank you for putting this together, Lisa! I think it’s great! 

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  1. Lisa S

    Thanks Mary! I had fun putting this book together. I also have seen how MUCH work it is to put something out for publication. Now that it is “out there,” I see all the errors that I thought I removed.

    I will do better next time!

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