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Wow. It turns out I’ve been blogging for a while! A book that I first posted about back on August 30, 2016 has been updated and re-issued: Lutheran hymnwriter Robin D Fish Jr’s  Useful Hymns.

I reviewed it here, but in short there is a wealth of Lutheran hymnody covering all sorts of topics! It’s really impressive. A great book for folks who appreciate Lutheran hymnody or poetry. There are hymns for children, too.

The updated version has new formatting (Somehow it is now 100+ pages lighter! Wow!), and you can even get an accompaniment edition with the tunes! 

You can get the updated Useful Hymns from Lulu for $20 right now. Useful Hymns: Accompaniment Edition is $18.99 from Lulu. (And, since I can, I’ll point out Fish’s other book for organists: Lutheran Chorale Arrangements for the Saturday Night Organist, Vol. 1.My understanding is that Useful Hymns will be available from Amazon, too, although it looks like it’s still the old version for now. <Shrug>

Yay for Lutheran hymnists & poets!!! Yay also for better formatting options, too! Publishing tools have really come a long way. 😀

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