Past Lives Review

Friday, Ray Keating released Past Lives: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story, and today I’m reviewing it!

Past Lives Review

Great quick, enjoyable read. I didn’t have a lot of time this weekend, so I especially appreciated the quick notes & fast pace of the journal-entry style storytelling. Best read in a single sitting on a weekend afternoon. 🙂

It starts with a relaxed tone that grows more terse as tensions thicken. I appreciated the occasional reflections. Part of me actually really appreciated just how short each of the entries were! It was satisfying to turn pages so rapidly and there can be a temptation to write for the sake of writing. This story stuck to what was relevant to the characters & plot. Well done.

I wonder if the title is a pun: past lives showing that, in a sense, the past lives on. I don’t know. The ending keeps you thinking. 

Thanks for another fun read!

Series Review

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  5. Murderer’s Row (2015) (Reviewed here)
  6. Wine Into Water (2016) (Reviewed here)
  7. Lionhearts (2017) (Reviewed here)
  8. Reagan Country (2018) (I missed reviewing one! I know I read it and enjoyed it. Huh.)
  9. Heroes & Villains (2018) (short story) (Reviewed here
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  14.  Past Lives: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story (February 26, 2021) (Reviewed here)

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