What’s Lost Review

Last week Lutheran author Ray Keating released book 15 in his Pastor Stephen Grant Series: What’s Lost? This latest installment is another novella, written in the style of a journal. Below: my What’s Lost review.

What’s Lost Review

Another enjoyable read from Ray Keating, just in time for summer.

This was another quick read—a little over a hundred pages. It was written in the style of a personal journal, which was fine, though I think it worked better in the beginning than toward the end. After all, how many of us, as adults, are still vulnerable in our diaries? Would a former CIA agent be?

Still, things warmed up in the story toward the action & soul searching we fans know to expect and love. 🙂 The use of journaling didn’t hinder the flow of text. It even became a bit of a plot point as another journal emerged amid travels. A few new characters join several of the ongoing characters we already know and love to give us another episode of Pastor Stephen Grant.

What’s lost? Thankfully not what I initially feared! And I expect several of you will breathe a sigh of relief right alongside me. What’s not lost? Stephen’s faithfulness toward God and his wife even during a side adventure involving Paige.

Series Review

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