Persecution: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel

Who’s ready for Book 16 in the Pastor Stephen Grant Series? 😀 I am! Today you can get exactly that in Lutheran author Ray Keating‘s latest release, Persecution.



Here’s what Amazon has to say about Persecution:

While the charge of “persecution” gets tossed about rather casually, Pastor Stephen Grant and some of his closest friends and associates get a close-up, bloody view of what it truly means to be a modern-day martyr. From the White House to the Vatican, and from Russia to the Middle East, the action is unrelenting and the suspense is palpable. Can Grant and his former CIA colleagues act in time to save innocent lives?

It’s sure to be a fast-paced, action-filled read with bits of theology throughout. 😀 I’ll list all the series’ titles below.

Series Review

Here are the Pastor Stephen Grant novels & short stories in order with my reviews:

  1. Warrior Monk (2010) (Reviewed here)
  2. Root of All Evil? (2012) (Reviewed here)
  3. An Advent for Religious Liberty (2012) (Reviewed here)
  4. The River (2014) (Reviewed here)
  5. Murderer’s Row (2015) (Reviewed here)
  6. Wine Into Water (2016) (Reviewed here)
  7. Lionhearts (2017) (Reviewed here)
  8. Reagan Country (2018) (I missed reviewing one! I know I read it and enjoyed it. Huh.)
  9. Heroes & Villains (2018) (short story) (Reviewed here
  10. Shifting Sands (2018) (short story) (Reviewed here)
  11. Deep Rough (July 16, 2019) (Reviewed HERE here, above)
  12. The Traitor (December 9, 2019) (novella?) (Reviewed here)
  13. Vatican Shadows (November 30, 2020) (Reviewed here)
  14.  Past Lives: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story (February 26, 2021) (short story in journal form)
  15. What’s Lost? A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story (May 28,2021) (Reviewed here)
  16. Persecution (November 4, 2022)

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