Vatican Shadows: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel

It’s release day for another Pastor Stephen Grant novel! Ray Keating has now released Vatican Shadows!

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

More than 500 years ago, two men – Jan Hus and Martin Luther – tried to bring about change in the Catholic Church. They suffered, with one burned at the stake. Could a modern-day pope transform these reformers from heretics to heroes in the eyes of the Catholic Church? Shadowy figures inside and outside The Vatican oppose Pope Paul VII’s efforts, and stand willing to do anything to stop him. For help, the pope turns to Stephen Grant, a Lutheran pastor, former Navy SEAL and onetime CIA operative.

And here are the Stephen Grant titles in order with my various reviews of them:

Series Review

Here are the Pastor Stephen Grant novels & short stories in order with my reviews:

1. Warrior Monk (2010) (Reviewed here)
2. Root of All Evil? (2012) (Reviewed here)
3. An Advent for Religious Liberty (2012) (Reviewed here)
4. The River (2014) (Reviewed here)
5. Murderer’s Row (2015) (Reviewed here)
6. Wine Into Water (2016) (Reviewed here)
7. Lionhearts (2017) (Reviewed here)
8. Reagan Country (2018) (I missed reviewing one! I know I read it and enjoyed it. Huh.)

          Heroes & Villains (2018) (short story) (Reviewed here)
          Shifting Sands (2018) (short story) (Reviewed here)
9. Deep Rough (July 16, 2019) (Reviewed HERE here, above)
10. The Traitor (December 9, 2019) (novella?) (Reviewed here)

11. Vatican Shadows (November 30, 2020)

Also, do you know about this: A Discussion Guide for Ray Keating’s Warrior Monk (2019)?


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