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Ladies & Gentlemen, let’s talk about Mission Nation Publishing! This organization is a non-profit ministry partnership between Peace Lutheran (LCMS) and the (LCMS) Florida/Georgia District to give a voice and raise awareness of missionaries from around the world who serve in America.

First, I want to highlight the books. Thus far, MNP has published eleven books in only five years! Their series, The Missionaries to Americahas six titles so far, including:


Each of these books promises to be riveting! I also know for a fact that at least one 13-year old girl has devoured them all. 🙂 That’s high praise and great news about readability level & quality!

And, guess what? Not only is this group of Lutherans raising awareness of God’s work, but they are looking for writers to do contract work for more 150-200 page books! Yay! 

Mission Nation Publishing also has digital resources for encouraging congregational outreach and, if your congregation wants to help and be involved, MNP offers “The Making of a Missionary” Book Display. 🙂 They also have a homeschool page that includes two study guides to accompany The Despicable Missionary & The Bulletproof Missionary! Yay! That’s sure to be a resource for homeschoolers and anyone else who uses them.

Thinking about this organization and God’s Work that motivates them set me on a side project. I’ve started to put together a list of resources to help people be more aware and supportive of missions & missionaries. Here’s a link. (The product is just a PDF of the list in the description.)

Readers, let me know what you think! I look forward to reading these books, praying for missionaries around the world and at home, and raising my kids to do the same. 🙂

MNP, welcome also to my list of Lutheran Publishing Houses and LutheranHomeschool.com’s Lutheran Book List under “Missions!” Thank you for all you do!


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