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As a followup to my previous post about Small Publishing Houses, I’ve got a new Publisher Page up and running on my website. It lists Lutheran publishing houses of every size, denominational and independent publishing houses included. For good measure, I threw in Lutheran journals and periodicals at the end.


I won’t pretend that all these publishers are accepting new manuscripts, but I was pleasantly surprised to find so many. More book selections to explore! And, with that, the hope that people are hearing the Word of God, receiving the support they need, and growing in truth and love.

Have I missed any? Do you know of more? 🙂 Or, are there other Lutheran resources I might be able to put together for you?

I’m glad to say this new page appears to be timely. Just last week, I saw a well-respected pastor (great guy) seeking advice or guidance about a book he’s written. It’s been published, but apparently gone out of print. (Things go out of print way faster than many of us would like!) He needs to republish his piece, but who can he turn to for advice? Facebook and the blogosphere.

I don’t yet have the experience I’d need to walk through the process with him, but seeing his request for help emphasizes to me once more that Lutheran writers can help each other, establish community resources, and make some of these things easier for ourselves! We are not in competition with each other.

(I wonder where I could find a guest poster to talk about reprinting or switching publishing houses. Any suggestions?)

Anyway, I wish helpful help and smooth transitions for that pastor and for you, too.

Check out the new Publisher Page. It’ll stay on my main menu as a resource, reminding us that there are Lutheran audiences and viable publishers supporting them and us.

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  1. Great addition to your site!

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