The Cruciform Way

Rev. Christopher Thoma has prepared another resource that’s sure to be great: The Cruciform Way: A Steady Cadence of Christ for Life in two volumes.

(If you’ve forgotten, Chris Thoma is the pastor behind The Angels’ Portion series of “whisky narratives,” as well as Feeding the Lambs (which is great), and several other books for laity and clergy and even young children. :))

Here is the Amazon description of the first volume:


To be cruciform is to be cross-shaped. The cruciform way is the life born from and shaped by a faith lived in clear sight of Jesus Christ, the One who hung upon Calvary’s cross for the magnificent rescue of a world of dreadful transgressors. A collection of weekly devotions examining various aspects of the Christian life, The Cruciform Way: A Steady Cadence of Christ for Life labors to stir the Spirit-enabled skill for receiving both joy and sorrow, leisure and struggle, all through the Gospel lens of Christ and the certainty of His victory and forgiveness.

Here is the Amazon description of the second volume:


The Cruciform Way is far more than a brief devotional rendezvous. It digs deeper than that. It requires a little more contemplation of the “self,” while at the same time promising to help steady you with the same divine muscle that has steadied believers throughout the history of Man. It does this remembering that life is short, but eternity is long-timeless, in fact. And its ultimate goal: A Gospel that gives and emboldens a faith that will keep the heart and mind of the believer in Jesus Christ for and into this eternity.

Sounds promising to me (!) and Thoma has some significant endorsers, too. He’s met a lot of people and had some very interesting conversations, to be sure!


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