Have you heard of Romanos the Melodist?

Romanos the Melodist is very much on my To Read list! Below is a blog post about him and some of his writing from my dad.

Maundy Thursday from the First Great Christian Poet



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  1. Alan Kornacki Jr.

    My comment on your father’s post was marked as spam, but in it I noted that I set Kontakion 22 for Good Friday to metric rhyme to the tune EWING (“Jerusalem the Golden”) here: https://pastoralkorn.blogspot.com/2016/03/hymn-oh-pilate-fixed-three-crosses.html

    St. Romanos is brilliant. I have two copies of volume I: On the Person of Christ, translated and annotated by Marjorie Carpenter.

  2. Seraphim Maurice

    Hi Alan, I have been searching high and low for the original copy of volume 1. If you are interested in selling one copy please let me know.

    My email is
    [email protected]

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