Lutheranism 101 3rd ed

Anyone surprised I’m behind during Holy Week? I’m not! I am practicing piano for church like you wouldn’t believe. And struggling! 🙂 Everyone, be kind to your pastors & church musicians! However, I don’t mean to let things altogether drop here on the blog, so I’ll report this: Lutheranism 101 has just released in its third edition. 

The third edition includes new and updated sections including:

  • Expanded use of the primary catechetical texts,
  • The Confessions as a key to understanding who Lutherans are,
  • Broadened unit on Marriage featuring exploring sexual feelings in marriage and the role of Church and State,
  • Highlighting the unique nature of Baptism and the Lord s Supper
  • Evangelism
  • And two new essays on heritage of music and Lutheran identity.

Sounds good to me! Keep up the good work, CPH! (And here’s a CPH link if you’d rather send your business to them rather than Amazon. 🙂 All links are affiliate, so all links help support my work, too.)


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