Lutheranism in WWI

Is there historical fiction about Lutheranism in WWI? German churches and towns in Wisconsin changing their names and pronunciations in an attempt to avoid persecution? I think there’d be a lot of stuff to plumb for a novel or two.

It could be very pertinent, too. What is the relationship, and dissimilarities, between citizenship and religion?

What about the human elements of relatives under persecution and the church’s response to, well, indirect persecution and limited ability to help? How has that lingered and shaped our understanding of our roles today?

Language tension! Did you know there was TONS of language tension? It’s been said that English lacks the clarity to be a theological language! 🙂 (Admittedly, wouldn’t that explain a few things?) But write about dual-language children, cultural tensions, torn allegiances, etc.

Lutheranism in WWI could explore a Lutheran understanding of war, salvation of soldiers, etc.

And, there weren’t only Lutherans in the US and Germany. The Lutherans under the Czar! In Scandanavia! Etc.! This, too, could be series-worthy.

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