Do you know your denomination’s stance on Masons and secret societies? Because a novel could do a great justice to that topic.

My own knowledge of masonry is admittedly limited. Except I know many of my forefathers and fore-mothers were Masons or the female equivalent. It’s all over their tombstones. Granted, they weren’t Lutheran, likely happy to hear whatever preachers were passing their way through rural countryside.

Now, if you’re interested in seeing a Lutheran treatment on free masons, you can turn to C Fiebiger‘s series, beginning with The Curse of the Eraser I look forward to reading the series and seeing how he handles things.

If you’d like to research and write your own, what I imagine is a high ranking Mason marrying into Lutheranism. There would be the surprise that secret societies could be a problem followed by how the pastor has to handle the situation. There could be a confirmation-related conversation about it.

There’s the element of charities and good intentions that come to contradict with other charities and good intentions.

Admittedly, I haven’t put as much thought into this ideas as others I have shared. Still, I think a novel could be a particularly good way to handle both the concerns and humanity involved.

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