Trinity for Tots

Trinity for Tots is now available for (pre-) sale! (This is an update from a previous post.) Many of you have been with me during the whole process, and I thank you for all your encouragement and support!

Here’s the Scoop

Trinity for Tots is an easy, Bible-based introduction to the holy Trinity. Rhyming couplets pair with watercolors to teach toddlers what the Christian God says about Himself. God is pictured using hands, doves, crosses, a manger scene, and a picture of Jesus above a traditional altar.

This is written for families with children ages six or seven and under. It’s a theological picture book: sound, straightforward, and winsome.

The book is fairly ecumenical—it being focused on the Trinity and all. It does include a visual of an infant baptism and a traditional sanctuary with altar, pulpit, and hymn boards.

If you’d like, you can guess what hymns we picked. Then look up the hymns from the hymn boards in your Lutheran Service Book! 

My previous children’s books were traditionally published. This was my first foray into self-publishing something with so many illustrations, but I am just so pleased with Jamie Truwe and her daughter Naomi! I treasure their time and talents. I couldn’t be happier with the illustrations. This book will be a wonderful gift for many children to come! 

Where Can You Get It?

You can find the paperback Trinity for Tots for $10.99 at Jamie’s store, Pure Joy Creative, as well as Ad Crucem, and Amazon. The Kindle edition is only on Amazon.

Yes, you can ask local bookstores & libraries to order it, too!

The only caveat at this point is that there will be a time of adjustment. We need to get this book into stock and then keep it there, even though the days running up to Trinity Sunday may be a hot time of the year for us. Pre-orders will merge into orders. Likely any orders received in the next two weeks will ship out in roughly two, or two and a half, weeks. Having said that, order now to be sure you’ll get it by Trinity Sunday (May 30th)! (It takes about two weeks for us to replenish our stocks.)

Please help spread the word. 

Got questions? Just ask! I’m already dreaming about a follow-up titled, Trinity for Children.


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