Run, Run

I love Rachel Kovaciny. Have I  mentioned that lately? She takes folk stories and reimagines them into real Western life. 🙂 She writes both books and short stories (which often relate to books) and her latest is Run, Runa human twist on the Gingerbread Man & a short story sequel to One Bad Apple.

(I am behind on reviews so this is not exactly a recent release. Still, it’s a free short story and Rachel is always worth reading!) (And, no, she isn’t someone I’ve met. Just a Lutheran author I dig, especially for summer reading!)

Run, Run Review

This is a fun, good-natured short story that I enjoyed as a stand alone episode from the Wild West times. Having said that, having loved One Bad Apple (reviewed here), I liked it even better. I loved the story and how it acts as something of a coda and sequel. The ending was PERFECT! Heart-warming & clever, just as I like it. The author clearly has a good head on her shoulders and a knack for retellings!


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