Absolutely Fearless

Last March I blogged about Absolutely Fearless: The Life of Raymond H Littge, Missouri’s Top Scoring WWII Fight Pilot Acewhich is about a real life Lutheran hero, Raymond Littge, a daring fighter pilot. Today I offer my review and recommendations. 🙂

Absolutely Fearless Review

What a fascinating read! This book is largely a memoir, but it’s details about planes and wartime logistics are amazing! Know a boy interested in planes? He should read this book! Know a man interested in WWII? Get him this book!

This book introduces you to a lot of content about WWII without a lot of blood and gore, although there is death, stark conditions, and, you know, war. The memoir that follows also offers insights into the time that many of us probably need. It’s hard sometimes to imagine life in years past, but this book captures it very well.

Great summer read. In this world, we may find ourselves in difficult or even terrible positions, but it is encouraging and supportive to remember those who have gone before us, who help us to see just how we can absolutely fearless, too.

*Edited to add, it looks like the color version is temporarily unavailable for some unknown reason, but the black and white version is still available here and the color version should come back any time.


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  1. marykuhlmannantholz

    Amazon says it’s out of print, and won’t quote a price.

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