Sexual Morality

Sexual morality is a hot topic, of course. I’ve done a bit of writing on it myself in Family Vocation, though you’ll see I’m pretty delicate about it. Well, my oldest daughter approaches her teens, so I’m reading up on things again. Although I’ll still have her read Family VocationI may also have her read Sexual Morality in a Christless World by Lutheran author and pastor Rev. Dr. Matthew Rueger. 

Sexual Morality Review

This is not a book for the squeamish. This is a book for those concerned about sexual grooming and exploitation and cultural understandings of sexuality. By tracing sexual practices of Greeks, Romans, and the Israelites, this book is a tremendous resource for those seeking insight into Christian understanding and stances about both sexual practices and cultural treatments of sexuality.

Yes, critics may decry that large portions of it deal with homosexuality, but this was a thorough introduction into just how counter-cultural Christianity has been! What struck me most was the grooming and the violence!

Nothing is new under the sun. But do we realize to what extent that is true?

I’m wondering to what extent to use this with my daughter. She’s getting a classical education, so she’s aware of paganism and how distorted it can be, but this is also a book that pulls no punches. Maybe that’s for the best! Maybe that’s a bit much for my daughter, who already has a friend affected by contemporary questioning.

I’m glad I read this, though I’m glad I read it after bracing myself.


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