This One’s for You, Dad

This week I was able to participate in a wonderful, elaborate, multi-site zoom extravaganza of a CDC annual conference! No, not the Center for Disease Control, the Concordia Deaconess Conference! I am thankful to God every day for these faithful, brilliant, funny, supportive women! Still. Back to work. 😉 Today’s post is a review of a recent release, This One’s For You, Dad (Eagle River Detectives, Book One). It is written by Lutheran author Katherine Klemp.

This One’s For You, Dad  Review

This book follows a set of siblings who find themselves in a new town with several building complications. For a while things seem to be ok after the kids settle in with their grandpa after their dad dies, but why would their mom whisper to someone that their dad died of a broken heart? And, while their mom is on an extended trip for work, how will they handle their grandpa’s mental turn toward the worse? More questions comes up and the kids work together to find answers.

I might call this older kid lit. I think such a forgetful grandpa could scare little kids, but you don’t have to be into romance or anything to enjoy the story as it enfolds. It includes some very innocent dating, kids taking initiative to help others and become responsible, and a mystery whose answers are gradually revealed.

This is not the type of mystery where you can guess the answer with clues along the way, but this is an enjoyable summer read for a nicely broad age-range. You might even be able to use it to help kids be less scared about issues of dementia.

I like how even the title hints at future cases to come! 

Warm wishes to you, Katherine, as you continue to write & welcome to my list of living Lutheran authors!


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