Interview over Trinity for Tots

Howdy, howdy! I’m back from my blogging break, and I’m happy to report that last Friday I had an interview over Trinity for Tots with Issues, Etc!

Here is a link to that, and here is a link to all the Issues, Etc. interviews I’ve done thus far. I’ve talked about the vocation of children, as well as interviews with my dad about family vocations in general. I’ve also talked about prioritizing for parents . 🙂 

I even went ahead and, at the end of the interview, read the whole little things. Want to know if it’s heretical? This is your chance to find out! Though I’m confident you’ll be pleased.

(I also have interviews over at KFUO, if you get on a roll, listening to me talk.)

To be honest, I always think my voice sounds weird. I always get nervous and, though I have rapport with groups face to face, my audio-only experiences always make me marvel that some people are comfortable doing podcasts! Yay for them! As for me and my house, I’ll stick primarily with the written word. Ha ha haaa

To buy Trinity for Tots, you can go through the Issues, Etc link to purchase from Amazon, you can click on the picture below, or you can go here to purchase from Ad Crucem or here to purchase through Eighth Day Books. 🙂 If you know of more bookstores that might be interested, by all means let me know and I’ll contact them.

This week I hope to catch up on reviews and this week I’m teaching a four part breakout session on Family Vocations for the CTSFW Phoebe School/Camp (high school girls interested in theology and potentially deaconess studies). I’m looking forward to that, though I’d welcome prayers that it all goes smoothly.


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