Lutheran T-shirts

Howdy, folks. I thought today’s post could call attention to some new Lutheran t-shirts I’ve recently discovered. 🙂

In heavier news, yesterday we buried my uncle. And I’m just so tired. 🙁

However, several of these t-shirts make me particularly happy even though I haven’t actually received any of them yet so I can’t actually review them  yet. May they brighten your day, too:

Are there other Lutherans selling Lutheran shirts? Sure! Feel free to add to the comments. Still, these new shirts comfort me.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about the term comfort lately. It used to have stronger connotations of building up, whereas now . . . well, I fear we want to ease ourselves out of existence sometimes when we really ought to fortify & be fortified. Sigh. 

Anyway. Consider these Lutheran t-shirts if you’re school/fall/gift shopping. 

Wishing you every blessing in Christ.

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  1. Thanks for including us!

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