English District Saga

Rev. Dr. David Stechholz published a book back in June: The English District Saga: A Niche in the History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America. Do you know much about LCMS district history? Particularly the two districts that are non-geographical? Here is a chance to learn a great deal!

This book comes recommended and endorsed by Rev. Dr. Cameron MacKenzie (CTSFW), Rev. Dr. David Petersen (Redeemer, Fort Wayne), Rev. Dr. Larry Vogel (CTCR) and Rev. Dr. Frederic Baue (emeritus from CPH). NICE! Plus, it’s published by Chris Thoma‘s Angels’ Portion Books. Excellent.

I wish I could quote a blurb for you, but there isn’t much of one up on Amazon. I can tell you that the English District has one of the more interesting histories of LCMS districts. Here is a brief history (Note: The English Synod gave us The Lutheran Witness!). Look inside the Amazon feature and you’ll see that this book goes into great detail, pretty much to present time.

I’m so glad this stuff is getting written down and recorded for future generations!

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