Today I’m going to break my tradition of talking about Lutheran authors and their books, simply because I read a series that I liked so much: Longbow and The Saga of Roland Inness.

I got Longbow as a freebie a few years ago through Bookbub. (Remember Bookbub? I love it. Sends me a daily email with a selection of Kindle sales for my selected genres.) I liked it so well that I’ve kept it downloaded on my Kindle ever since. 

Well, I recently got a free trial for Kindle Unlimited and that series was one of the first I checked to see whether I could read the next one for free. (Yes, I’m cheap. We’re a family of 8 on a pastor’s income. No book budget!)

Anyway, I’ve plowed through them, book by book. GREAT SERIES! I think one book had a few typos, but, seriously, I found them to be tremendous. I may assign them to my homeschoolers! 

So. I went ahead to emailed the author, Wayne Grant, just to tell him that, really, I’m just so pleased that I was able to read his books. Sadly, he is not a Lutheran or you’d be starting seven reviews, one for each book! Having said that, ha haaa, it turns out he was baptized in a Lutheran church before his parents moved where there weren’t any more Lutheran churches.

Anyway. Normally I recommend Lutheran books or maybe classics, but read Longbow. Read The Saga of Roland Inness. They are just so . . . encouraging. Violent at times, but great. Historical fiction at its best, highlighting tensions between Danes, Normans, Irish, and Welsh. There’s even a book on King Richard’s crusade! Then one during his hostage period!

There is also now a second series the author has started, this one set in America, whereas the previous was (primarily) set in England during the reign of King Richard the Lionheart. Sure to be another strong series.



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  1. Roxann

    Ooh, I have a Kindle Unlimited trial right now too! Need any suggestions? 😉 I suspect you probably already have a pretty long list.

    I began Longbow, but then set it aside. I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately, so that may not reflect too much on the author. Perhaps I will pick it up again.

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