A Devil Whispers Softly

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran author Doug Goldammer‘s book, A Devil Whispers Softly.

A Devil Whispers Softly Review

This is a great book! My only difficulty is that a sequel isn’t already published! 🙂

I thought the author did a good job with worldbuilding and having multiple voices. It all struck me as very professional and well done. I really liked this book!

The setting begins in a maze-like prison with a persistent, rather snarky protagonist trying to break out. Finally freed, he finds himself on a practically deserted planet with an odd assortment of  salvagers. Well, them and an alien voice that seems entitled to tell him what to do. It seems that voice, too, needed to break out, and one certainly starts to root for both of them. Which makes me wonder if the title is a clue about things to come!

I thought the pacing was good. I thought development was good. Doug, I hope you’re still writing because I’m ready for the next installment!


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