Redeeming Technology

Lutheran author and pastor Trevor Sutton has a new one out: a joint project with Brian Smith titled Redeeming Technology: A Christian Approach to Healthy Digital HabitsCertainly seems timely.

Here’s the Amazon description:

39,600 seconds.

That’s how long the average American adult spends consuming media each day. Eleven hours of our day are dictated by screens. But with all that time, have you stopped to consider how technology is affecting you?

Redeeming Technology: A Christian Approach to Healthy Digital Habits combines biblical wisdom with mental health guidelines to help you rethink your technology use from a Christian perspective. Drawing on their experiences and expertise, pastor A. Trevor Sutton and psychiatrist Dr. Brian Smith explore how you can use technology in ways that promote mental well-being and glorify God. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of technology and includes discussion questions that offer practical applications to your life.

With both theological and psychological wisdom, Redeeming Technology will guide you to form healthy, faithful technology habits with Jesus at the center.

It is CRAZY how much screen time we fit in. Apparently almost 45% of our YEAR, on average. Woah.

As is my wont, I’ll include links to Sutton’s other books, too. I’m pleased he’s publishing as much as he is.


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