Open Prairies Review

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran poet Ray Spitzenberger‘s (second to latest) book: Open Prairies: Poems of Reflection on a Life in Texas. Silly me, I thought I was reading his latest, but I got both books at the same time and opened the wrong one on my Kindle. <Shrug> So also be sure to check out his latest, Tanka Schön: Poems by a Texas Wend! 🙂 I hope to read (and review) it very soon myself.

Open Prairies Review

Ray Spitzenberger’s poetry offers lovely reflections. Reading his pieces has really been a positive supplement to my day. I’m sure to read his other books now, too.

I know that folks aren’t as into poetry as they once were, but Spitzenberger’s work is an antidote for that. He uses accessible and flexible styles and the subject material ranges nicely from reflections on nature and prairie life to family, art, and culture.  The four chapters are Memories, Reflections, Prairie Life, and Chuckles.

This is a perfect book for keeping by your bedside. I can read a few to help me transition from the tensions of the day to a larger, more restful perspective.    

Warm. Enticing. Contemplative without being overly heavy or long. Good stuff!

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  1. Ray Spitzenberger

    Thank you for such a splendid review, Ray Spitzenberger

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