Open Prairies

A new release from a Lutheran poet! Ray Spitzenberger has published another book of poetry, Open Prairies: Poems of Reflection on a Life of Texas!

You may recognize the name from my prior post here about his previous whimsical book, It Must Be the Noodles. Not only is Ray Spitzenberger a fellow Lutheran with me, but he is WENDISH! Which is a folk my sister and I both married into (mine a Texan and hers an Australian)! So he’s doubly or triply kin! 😀 Even if we don’t know how. Anyway, he is also, of course, a delightful poet, published in books and journals, and I’ve really enjoyed his pieces that I’ve read.

Now, I’m not from Texas. I am, ahem, definitely not from Texas. 😉 But I am from Oklahoma! And I do love me some prairie! There really is a . . . texture to prairie life that is very suitable to thoughtful reflection. I look forward to seeing what Ray has prepared for his readers.

The blurb from Amazon for your perusal:

Open Prairies is a poetry collection about the simple things in life—growing up in rural Texas, a yard full of birds, kittens playing, the laughter of grandchildren, Christmas lights, and getting older. In four accessible chapters, Ray Spitzenberger uses the music of words to create moments in time that suggest more than is explicitly stated. From trips down memory lane to reflections on love and family to lighthearted chuckles, these poems capture the essence of life on the prairie and offer something for everyone.

Sounds great to me! And, while summer plans may be up in the air for many, this strikes me as a great book both for roadtripping to see family and staying home to appreciate your loved ones. Summer reading at its best.

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  1. Thank you, Mary J., so much for the plug!

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