Let Down Your Hair

To be honest, I don’t follow many authors and I don’t subscribe to many of their newsletters. Rachel Kovaciny‘s, however, I do and I always enjoy it. Well, through it I’m happy to tell you that you can read her latest Rapunzel-inspired short story, Let Down Your Hair.

It’s a follow up to her novel, Dancing and Doughnutswhich I thoroughly enjoyed and reviewed here. BUT Let Down Your Hair is an exclusive for folks who subscribe to her newsletter. So do it. Here. 🙂 (It’s once a month, if you’re curious, and sometimes includes great suggestions for older movies.) 

AND her next novel should release July 28th: One Bad Apple. In her words:

What’s this book going to be about? Seven white orphans. A wagon train filled with black pioneers headed to Kansas. A stepmother and a stepdaughter. Poison. Death. Surprises. Love. Belonging. New beginnings.

Yay! I always enjoy how she turns a fairy tale into a family-friendly western! If you’re counting, this is story three in the series Once Upon a Western. 😀

I also really approve of writers who write both short stories and novel-length pieces with such nice pacing. Keep up the great work, Rachel Kovaciny! For more, you can check out her website RachelKovaciny.com.

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  1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed “Let Down Your Hair” — it was such fun to write 🙂

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