Dancing and Doughnuts

Dancing and Doughnuts? What? I’ll take the doughnuts. Ah, but wait! There’s a book by Lutheran author Rachel Kovaciny, Dancing & Doughnuts, and it’s the second in her series, Once Upon a Western. (I reviewed the first one, Cloaked, here.)

Dancing & Doughnuts Review

I really appreciate how this author holds her own in both full-length novels and short stories. I also think it’s great that she collaborates with other authors in fun book-length collections! But now to the book at hand.

I really enjoyed the main character and voicing of the story. I chuckled out loud by how the male protagonist was outnumbers and nearly outmanned by that lady-laden town! The other men were well-written, too. I appreciated the twists and turns and evidences of character development. 

To be honest, I’m not especially familiar with the German fairy tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. What I do know is that Dancing and Doughnuts is a success as a stand alone novel, even if there are things I might especially appreciate if I knew more than 12 beautiful daughters who unsettled their father with a mystery! In this book there were charming details, like the mending and fashions of shoes, and the tending and keeping of cider, that helped to keep this squarely in the genre of respectable historical fiction, as well as being a family-friendly Christian western. 

I’ve liked all that I’ve read by this author and so far this is my favorite. And, I haven’t even tried the doughnut recipe at the end yet. 🙂

Wholesome fun and puzzle solving: a great combination. Family friendly book, although kids might like it best who have at least experienced a crush or two and so recognize possible nuances between lads and ladies. (There’s also conversation about alcohol but nothing I’d consider risqué.) 

Keep up the great work, Rachel! 

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