2019 Lenten Resources

Ack! I overbooked! Today I’d better post about 2019 Lenten resources, since Ash Wednesday is just around the corner, but I also intended to promote a new book. (If you’re watching for me to announce a new book, I have several of those scheduled for next week!) Sorry! Mea culpa!

Two New Lutheran Lenten Resources

Judgement and Mercy: Family Devotions for Lent by Deac. Heidi Goehmann

Nine men and women following one God full of deliverance, leadership, mightiness, and mercy. See how very much we are like the Israelites and what work God is doing in His people, as well as in our families. Every word points to Jesus, our perfect Judge, Deliverer, Leader, and Mighty God who sits on the mercy seat announcing our salvation.

Here’s the design:

Look for one post every week for 8 weeks – March 5th through April 23rd.

Included in the post will be:

1 Warrior Card – a printable piece of character/warrior art, specially designed to engage children in a family around the Bible story for the judge of the week. All of the warrior cards are done by a Nebraskan teen artist, Adam Boggs, who has a lively, vibrant graphic-novel style.

1 family-friendly (i.e. short without too many giant words) blog post about the warrior of the week

1 Family Conversation Question for each warrior

Go here for a longer introduction, printable outline, and to sign up with your email address.


Lent with the Lord’s Commands: 2019 Lenten Devotional by Joshua Scheer, Marcus Baikie, Travis Berg, Paul Cain , Timothy Fitzner, Andrew Richard, and Sam Wirgau. This joint effort is thanks to Steadfast in the Parish, a project of the Brothers of John the Steadfast, aka Steadfast Lutherans. (Also, I’m so proud of the folks in that group who were in seminary while I was doing deaconess training! Yay, yay, yay!)


For more ideas, you can check out the 2018 post, too. Higher Things and Lutheran Hour probably have something, and, it’s not like old Lenten resources go out of date, people! lol

Ladies and gentlemen, if you know about more 2019 Lenten resources, please share them in the comments! Meanwhile, I’m going to keep hunkering down in Oklahoma during these spells of bad driving conditions. Sigh. Trust me, the flesh is being mortified. In like a lion and I don’t mean the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Try to be safe!

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