Open Editor Position!

Woah, woah, woah, it’s an Advent miracle! There’s an open editor position, and what a position it is! Adriane Heins has announced that the Lutheran Witness is seeking a new editor over the whole shebang!

In so many ways, Adriane has done a great job with Lutheran Witness: the topics have been good; the content has dramatically improved; and the identity has just plain been more Lutheran. Adriane, I salute you! And have envied you for a while! 😉

Congratulations to her as she focuses her attention at home, at farm, at child, at husband, etc. Good vocationally-minded choices.

For all the rest of us, we can drool away. According to a recent blog post, Adriane was actually offered the position TWICE, which is the stuff of my dreams. Here’s her post:

Seeking Editor for The Lutheran Witness

Here’s the official job description. Applications are due by Dec. 31. If you have questions, please contact Nathan Thomas in LCMS Human Resources at [email protected].

Wow. Although she was deployed the last few years, and somehow managed such a diverse position with all sorts of heavy duty things like moving, farming, a newborn, etc., this is probably a pretty hard-core job!!

Think about it. Pray about it. Dream about it: it’s an editor position like few others! Better yet, figure out a stellar candidate—whether that’s yourself or someone else—and pass along the word and encouragement to apply!

May the Lutheran Witness, and its next editor, offer some of the best that Lutheran writing has to offer! And, thanks again for all you’ve done and do, Adriane!

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