White Crayons, Broken Pencils, and Dried Pens

Some days writing utensils seem to be everywhere, from wedged against my floor boards to under (and over) my pillow. I take it as a symptom of modern child-raising. Other times, however, all I can find in my need are white crayons, broken pencils, and dried pens, and I suspect we all have days and times like that.

Waiting at the bank drive-through and suddenly realize there’s no pen. Rushing to sign your mother’s birthday card so you can get it into the mail on time but nail polish just will not suffice for the occasion!

Frankly, someone should write a song about it: white crayons, broken pencils, and dried pens. Oh! Let’s include desiccated dry erase markers! We go through a LOT of those!

But, just maybe, we are taking ourselves a little too seriously when that minor inconvenience is hailed as dire or despair-worthy. Really, your mother will still love you. She wants a CALL. And bank tellers can send you a pen through their magical whirly-whoos.

Our surplus of tools—common enough to be disposable—and our urge toward instant progress is dragging us down. White crayons? It’s ok. They’re just fine for Easter eggs. Or throw them out or use them for their paraffin. The police won’t come for you. A temporary inability to jot something down post-haste is a first world problem.

We can commiserate. It still stinks, thoughts escape us, we’re late for an appointment, mom is, in fact, angry, etc.

I still want to encourage you (and myself). Sometimes inconvenience is opportunity in hiding. Take a breath. Take a break. You’re fine, even the next few minutes set you back a ways.

As writers, maybe it is extra annoying. Sometimes I think, “ARGH!” Seriously, though, the world will not perish if that sentences passes out into orbit.

May we be appropriately loosened up with the bits of opportunity and rest God provides. We remain in His hands and that is a very good place to be. 🙂

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