Ray Keating Sale

It’s getting to be summertime! (CRAZY!) And Ray Keating is offering a $2.99 sale on all his Pastor Stephen Grant novels. 🙂

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve seen a number of his books release, including a a couple short stories and non-fiction. This sale is mostly on Stephen Grant, which is nice as Stephen Grant does make for good summer reading.

His latest, Deep Roughwas just released last summer. I think it’s the only one in his series that I haven’t reviewed yet. Well, now I’ll get a copy and see what I can do! 

(Although, to be honest, I’m thinking that this summer might be a time when I review less than normal. I think getting some other projects finished would be really great! And I’ll need to free up time to do that.)

Anyway, here are some Stephen Grant review posts I’ve done, in case that’s helpful:

  •  The first five: Warrior Monk, Root of All Evil, An Advent for Religious Liberty, The River, and Murderer’s Row.
  • The sixthThe Traitor

Also on sale is this piece of non-fiction:


Wishing you plenty of books and time in which to read them!

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