Ad Crucem: The Christian Christmas Tree

I love Ad Crucem. Visit Ad Crucem while you do your Christmas Shopping. That’s my first big point. My second one is this: Ad Crucem has just published their first book: The Christian Christmas Tree, all about christmons!!!!

As the founder, Wanita Wood, puts it: 

Our customers have often requested a book about our Christmons, and it has finally been written and sent for printing! 

We decided to write it according to the themes of the hymnal and the liturgical church year, and group the ornaments according to how best they declare various aspects of Christ for us. 


Here’s a link (and know that it may say preorder, but the books are supposed to release TODAY!): 

Ad Crucem – The Christian Christmas Tree – Book


A merry Christmas to all, and a very Lutheran one as well—even including your Christian Christmas trees ! 😀

PS. Don’t forget to buy my children’s book on the Trinity (and one of my dad’s art books) from Ad Crucem, since they sell select pieces of literature now, too, as well as ornaments, church banners, art, etc.! 

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