Last November, Lutheran author Jody Hedlund released Enamoredthe first book in her new Knights of Brethren series. Below is my review. (By the way, there is a giveaway on her most recent book, Never Leave Me, from her Waters of Time series. I really enjoyed the first installment. Go here to enter for a chance to win this second in a series.)

Enamored Review

You know how sometimes all you want for a weekend is to sink into a couch and a book? Enamored is a book for just such times. I really enjoyed it. Hit the spot, mixing suspense, fantasy & a bit of childhood onward romance.

Arthurian allusions, although clearly a new take. Magical relics. Dracos, which are dragon-like creatures. My cup of tea!

What is Rasmus, the Royal Sage, thinking? I don’t know, but he’s sure to be developed more in the next novel. Meanwhile, I thought Elinor & Maxim were well-written characters. I thought Maxim’s anticipations of Elinor’s habits were winsome, and I thought the end of the book was absolutely perfect. 

List of Other Books

Judy Hedlund has written a LOT of books! (Yes, I’m using affiliate links. Every bit helps.) I’ll list by genre and series. Plus I’ll include a few dates, because, seriously, I’m so impressed by how quickly she writes! 🙂

(Her next release should be To Tame a Cowboyout May 3rd.)

Time Crossing Romance

Waters of Time  (My review here.)

Never Leave Me 

Young Adult

Historical Romance

Colorado Cowboys series 

The Bride Ships series (four books)

Orphan Train series (four books)

The Beacons of Hope series (six books)

The Michigan Brides Collection (three books)

The Hearts of Faith (three books)

Knights of Brethren (two books so far)


Stand alone novels:

Young Adult Books

The Fairest  Maidens series (three books published in 2020)

The Lost Princesses series (four books published in 2019)

The Noble Knights series (five books and a prequel novella)

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