Bright Valley of Love

There’s a Lutheran book on my short list called Bright Valley of Love, and I’m reminded to tell you about it because it is now also available as an audiobook! Yay!

The author, Edna Hong is well known for translating (with her husband) Kirkegaard’s complete writings into English.  She also wrote novels, although this book in particular is a true, and truly spectacularly, pro-life story.

Bright Valley of Love is an amazing story of a handicapped boy in Germany who finds a new life, love, and faith, through the pastors, deacons, and deaconesses of Bethel. AND, not only is this recommended to me as a fine piece of non-fiction literature, it’s got great hymnody! What’s not to love?!

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

In this stirring and true story, Gunther, a handicapped and neglected child born in Germany during World War I, finds a new home at Bethel, a Christian community for the physically and mentally impaired. At Bethel, Gunther learns to speak and sing, walk and work, and pray and praise. He experiences both the joy of making friends for the first time and the sorrow of having to say goodbye. Through the care of pastors, deaconesses, and teachers, Gunther finds meaning and purpose in music, thanksgiving, and the everyday exercise of a life lived well, no matter the limitations.

The love and security of Bethel is threatened, however, by the Nazi regime as it targets the vulnerable. Can its 2,000 residents be saved?

It’s sure to be a fantastic and inspirational 160 pages!

I need to find out more about this Edna Hong. She lived from 1913 to 2007, but I’d love to see if more of her books are available. Bright Valley of Love was republished by Concordia Theological Seminary this past December. Do you know of more?

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  1. Jerry Gernander

    I forgot about that one! Heard about it within the last year. I need to put it on my Goodreads “want to read” so I remember.

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