Bright Valley of Love

Today’s post is a review of a fantastic  book, Bright Valley of LoveIt’s an inspirational book based on a true story, written by Edna Hong.

Here’s the Amazon description:

In this stirring and true story, Gunther, a handicapped and neglected child born in Germany during World War I, finds a new home at Bethel, a Christian community for the physically and mentally impaired. At Bethel, Gunther learns to speak and sing, walk and work, and pray and praise. He experiences both the joy of making friends for the first time and the sorrow of having to say goodbye. Through the care of pastors, deaconesses, and teachers, Gunther finds meaning and purpose in music, thanksgiving, and the everyday exercise of a life lived well, no matter the limitations.

The love and security of Bethel is threatened, however, by the Nazi regime as it targets the vulnerable. Can its 2,000 residents be saved?

Here’s my review:

Every Christian should read this book, followed by every non-Christian! It is not an exaggeration to say that this book inspires me to be a better person and a better deaconess!

What a moving account about a neglected handicapped boy who grows up only to be threatened by Nazi policy! I loved all the hymn references and singing! I would have joined my voice with theirs if I could! And how much better knowing that, one day, I really will join my voice with the boys and girls, men and women portrayed in this book!

This book moved me to tears several times in absolutely the best possible ways. As a homeschooling mom, Bright Valley of Love is suddenly required reading. As a deaconess, this is a book that I wish everyone would read so that we can better cultivate care and compassion for all.

Absolutely fantastic.

PS. You may or may not know, but Edna Hong and her husband Howard are well-known for translating and editing the English translations of Kierkegaard. So that’s impressive!

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