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There’s a new CPH book out and I want it, want it, want it! I thought Lutheran Service Book: Companion to the Services was coming out in the fall, but a friend’s husband already has it in his hands! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Admittedly I’ll need to wait until someone ever so kindly gifts it to me. But I want, want, want it! 😀 And I am ever so fond of Paul Grime, who’s behind it. (I’m a huge fan of his super, absolutely tremendously awesome wife :)).

Here’s the CPH blurb, which is way better than the Amazon blurb:

Historical. Theological. Practical. 

There’s a lot to learn about the services portion of Lutheran Service Book. So much history has been given to us in these rites and ceremonies, and so much of it is waiting for you to uncover in Companion to the Services. As a sister book to Companion to the Hymns, this will give you a comprehensive explanation for leading the service, liturgical colors, paraments, vestments, and so much more.

You can dive into the Divine Service in wonderful detail as it’s examined historically and theologically. See how the Church Year fits into the ceremony of the services and unpack how it was originally created. Take your learning further with appendixes and an entire chapter dedicated to additional resources for pastors and worship leaders. 

Additionally, each topic of examination has been broken down into four portions— Historical Development, Theological Considerations, Planning the Service, and For the Presider—giving you a well-rounded understanding of each subject. Originally known as the LSB: Desk Edition, the Companion to the Services is a necessity for any pastor’s collection. 

Included in the Companion to the Services

Seven Prefatory Essays:

  • The Liturgy: Lutheran Confessional Theology, Presuppositions, and Definitions
  • The Pastor as Presider
  • Soaked in Christ: The Gift of Symbolism
  • Vestments and Vessels
  • Liturgical Song
  • Planning Corporate Worship
  • The Making of Lutheran Service Book

Five Topics of Examination: 

  • The Church Year
  • The Divine Service
  • The Daily Office
  • The Pastoral Acts
  • Lent and Holy Week

Glossary of Liturgical and Musical Terms


Go here to buy it from CPH. Amazon is temporarily out (or maybe its shipment hasn’t arrived? Who knows.). I’ll still use the pretty graphics from Amazon:


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