Today is the release day for Jody Hedlund‘s latest, Enrichedbook 4 of 6 in the Knights of Brethren series, and it’s another great summer read! Yay! My review is below.

I’ll actually interrupt my own post to marvel, once again, at how prolific Jody Hedlund is! Book 5 of this series is set to release August 16th & Book 6 on September 13, yes of this year! CRAZY! I’ve also heard that a third book will come out in the Waters of Time series. Yay!

Enriched Review

This is the fourth book in a series, and I’ve just found the entire series really well set up. Everything flows together. Each book is just rooting for another set of personalities and circumstances from within a comprehensive whole. I’ve loved it. Zero disappointment.

And, although I’ve thought this about each book in the series, Enriched may be my favorite! What would it be like for an honorable man to suddenly need to marry for money? And what would it be like for someone who’s been preparing to take vows at a convent to suddenly be semi-engaged to someone who any single girl, even the novitiates laud from afar?

Now, that’s not to say our male protagonist is the suavest or most charming. This guy is a heartthrob for those of us who look beneath rough exteriors. A heartthrob he remains, especially if you have read the previous books. I think the previous works tone down his tough guy-ness with clearer insight into his loyalty, goodness, sincerity, etc.

Another great summer read. But, let’s face it. These books are great anytime reads. 

List of Other Books

Judy Hedlund has written a LOT of books! (Yes, I’m using affiliate links. Every bit helps.) I’ll list by genre and series. Plus I’ll include a few dates, because, seriously, I’m so impressed by how quickly she writes! 🙂

Time Crossing Romance

Waters of Time

Young Adult

Historical Romance

Colorado Cowboys series 

The Bride Ships series (four books)

Orphan Train series (four books)

The Beacons of Hope series (six books)

The Michigan Brides Collection (three books)

The Hearts of Faith (three books)

Knights of Brethren (two books so far)


Stand alone novels:

Young Adult Books

An Uncertain Choice

The Fairest  Maidens series (three books published in 2020)

The Lost Princesses series (four books published in 2019)

The Noble Knights series (five books and a prequel novella)

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