An Uncertain Choice

I’m putting my foot down with myself to get more caught up with my reviews! So the rest of the week (I hope), I’ll review Lutheran author Jody Hedlund‘s series, An Uncertain ChoiceThe first book is of the same name, An Uncertain Choice🙂 

I know. It has nothing to do with Holy Week. Sorry!

 An Uncertain Choice Review

I enjoyed this less conventional romance. There’s a woman who’s prepared herself for years to enter a convent and a family friend who, in the final month before her vows, wants to explore other options for her. The conflict, then, is mostly between Abbot Francis Michael and Rosemarie’s godfather, while the tensions lie with multiple good suitors and discerning the best opportunities forward.

Really enjoyed it. The less conventional it was, the better I liked it! Mostly medieval, but also a bit fantasy/fairy tale. 

I also thought that setting up a series with several dreamy suitors was a pretty brilliant move.  

It was written in first person so it was a bit teen. There was some cruel, torturous treatment. Still, quite wholesome and I’d still call it family friendly. Definitely teen appropriate.


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