Lutheran books for writers

My post last week made me think of other Lutheran books for writers, so let’s try to compile a list, shall we? 🙂

Most recently, there’s Walter Wangerin Jr’s Storycraft: The Art of Spiritual Narrative and his previous book, Beate Not the Poore Desk: A Writer to Young Writers (2016).

Rebecca Lemke wrote  Content: How to Find Balance in Life When the World is At Your Fingertips. 

I’ll also remind you of ALS Vossler’s book, When Words Collide: A Crash Course in Writing Poetry (reviewed here.)

I can think of several other Lutheran writers who have blogged or written articles on the topic, but are there other Lutheran books for writers I’m missing?

I will conclude with an article series by Lutheran writer Rachel Bomberger, former editor for the Lutheran Witness, “Writing for Lutherans”: Part 1: Be Lutheran, Part 2: Tell the Truth, and Part 3: Don’t be Boring, 🙂 AND an radio interview with Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, “Keys to Crafting a Bible Study.”

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