Lutheran Parenting or Education Blogs

Can you help me crowdsource? I’m looking for whatever Lutheran parenting or education blogs you know about. I want to compile a free resource list for

Here’s what I have so far:


  • You’ll love her tagline: “Shattering homeschooling stereotypes one pair of high heels at a time.”  
  • Blest the House: A Lutheran Homeschooling Blog with various ELS authors
  • Donuts & Devos is a blog & podcast with resources for parenting kids in the faith.
  • is by a Lutheran teacher turned SAHM. She blogs about frugal living.
  • deals with stuff as varied as tough stuff, family & fun, faith, and home & kitchen. (You can follow Jessica on Facebook here.)
  • is a blog that covers theology, mom life, and everything in between.
  • is a blog/shop/stop for literary resources.


  • The Faithful Homeschool by Jennifer Whalen (a vender here!) offers homeschool help for LCMS families. You may know her for her LCMS Bible curriculum, Solus Christus.
  • @thedouglasfam07 is the Instagram handle for the Douglas family, which talks about LCMS homeschooling, cooking, and more.


There are also a few podcasts mentioned on our resource, “Hymn Recordings & Websites,” though those are pretty specific in content.


Don’t forget solid theological blogs & podcasts! I’m not sure I dare to try to compile a list for those, but I will mention a few other resources:

PS. is a weight loss blog by an LCMS woman and her friend. Just fyi.

I know there are several Lutheran history podcasts. Probably some catechetical ones, too, though I can’t think of them off the top of my head. Help a girl out? Lutheran parenting or education blogs, podcasts, Instagram, whatever. 🙂


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