Where the Moss Grows Old

It’s a release day for Lutheran author & poetess Madelyn Rose Craig! You may remember her from her book, Names, Nations, and the New Testament or from her awesome blank journals, but today we celebrate her book of poetry, Where the Moss Grows Old. Isn’t that a lovely image already?

 Where the Moss Grows Old Review

This is a lovely collection of poems. Reading it was such a nice opportunity to seep in language. There are three sections: Wonder, Memory, and Home.

I appreciated how, while there can be poetic tendencies toward nostalgia, the poetry in the Wonder section seemed very present. Sure, there was some older terms or constructions used here or there, but it struck me as more of a nod to timelessness than stepping back to a day. And, yes, there was some nostalgia, for example when referring to childhood, but there was a very pleasant emphasis on present appreciation for nature and those things which may be fleeting though for now they remain in our grasp. 

Memory was also a pleasant mix of contemplation and appreciation. I liked many of the poems, of course, but poems such as “Lost” particularly appealed to me. Succinct yet complete. Also “Veritas.”

Home also nestles sweetly with nature and memories. I found it nicely cyclical in some ways to close with it. References to God are reverent and grateful. “Prayers” is sincere and sweet. There are poems that reflect on parenthood and “Midnight Visits” was one of my favorites.

There are different structures of poetry used. Most are only a page or two long. Family friendly although much of the content tugs at wholesome maturity so I wouldn’t classify this book with children’s poetry. Maybe I should say family poetry but not nursery poetry. 🙂 For example, there is a piece about a broken heart and a few about the walls we erect around ourselves. “Twined Souls” is hauntingly provocative. 

Other favorites include “My Poem” and there’s such great imagery in “Animated Lines” and so many others! This is a great collection.

Well done, Madelyn Rose Craig!

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