Kickstarter for Drawn in Ash

Lutheran writer John W. Otte has started a Kickstarter for Drawn in Ash. Here are a few things he had to say about it.

As I got ready for the Kickstarter campaign to publish #DrawninAsh, one of the questions I had to answer was, “Should I share that this story is based on the Biblical book of Esther or not?” Some of my friends worried that this was a major spoiler. Why would anyone want to read this book if they knew how it would all end?
Well, here’s the thing: Esther is just the jumping off point. I put the story in that setting and added a lot of science fantasy touches. And really, Esther was just the inspiration, not the outline.
So how did the story come together? That’s a long story, one I’m more than happy to share… but not today. Once the campaign has started, I’ll share the twisted road that brought us to today.


Looking to support the Kickstarter for Drawn in Ash? Here’s a link:

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