That Reminds Me

I know that sometimes memoirs can be rather hit or miss, but I just heard about this Lutheran one, which seems promising: That Reminds Me: A Memoir by Roy Harrisville.

The Amazon blurb is short but sweet:

A poignant and humorous memoir of a Midwestern boyhood from the parsonage and a look-back at years of service to the Lutheran Church from Chicago, IL, to Minot, North Dakota, to St. Paul, Minnesota.

What is likely helpful for you to know, however, is that Roy Harrisville is an American Lutheran theologian (I’m pretty sure he was a long time ELCA professor at Luther Seminary.), so this book likely includes anecdotes about teaching theology, as well as some commentary on theological movements, institutional conflicts, etc.

Interested in American Lutheranism from the 20th century? This sounds like a humorous read.  

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