Cheating at bingo?

I’ve been reading, reading, reading for my library book bingo challenge, but I just found out that the librarians are fine if one book counts for more than one spot. But is that cheating at bingo?! 

Maybe it’s obnoxious, but I think I’ll still try to do it without doubling. There’s only nine days left, so we’re getting down to the wire, but what do you think? Is it cheating or a lowering of standards?

Is the point reading, which I’ve certainly done? Or is the point a personal challenge? 



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  1. Laura

    On the kid’s Accelerated Reader program, books are given a point value based on number of pages and difficulty… so no, it’s not cheating if your program allows for those! ☺️ 📚 Just read at your level! Just read!! 😀

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